Thursday, 23 January, 2020

Amnesty says Hong Kong police using excessive force

As Congress stands with Hong Kong protesters, N.J. Republican leads the way Hong Kong pro-democracy activists receive warm welcome on Capitol Hill
Robin Buchanan | 21 September, 2019, 01:17

Amnesty International has accused Hong Kong police of using torture against detained protesters.

Amnesty interviewed 21 arrestees, 18 of whom said they were hospitalised as a result of their treatment, with three of them spending at least five days in hospital. "A second later, they kicked my face", the protester said, adding that he then felt a sharp pain in his left chest and had trouble breathing.

"I've heard it said that 'the business of Hong Kong is business, ' but it is clear to me now that the business of Hong Kong is freedom", said Smith, R-4th Dist. "I tried to shout but I couldn't breathe and couldn't talk".

"The force to be used by police shall be the minimum force necessary for achieving a lawful objective", police stated in an emailed assertion.

Police run during a confrontation with protesters
Police run during a confrontation with protesters

But one detainee said he was assaulted for being uncooperative and another described seeing police shine a laser into the eye of a young detainee - a tactic protesters have employed against police.

During a hearing Tuesday before a USA government commission set up by Congress to monitor human rights in China, several activists asked lawmakers to support their efforts by banning the export of American police equipment that is used against demonstrators.

Pelosi said it was imperative to support the activists, "if we do not speak up because of commercial interests in support of human rights in China, we lose all moral authority to speak up for them any other place in the world", she said.

The man was later hospitalised for several days with a bone fracture and internal bleeding. She accused police of continuing to beat her even after she was put in restraints, according to the group.

Bequelin said the reported abuses were in clear violation of worldwide human rights law: "Time and again, police officers meted out violence prior to and during arrests, even when the individual had been restrained or detained". Ho said the horse should not be "deprived of its right to race". "Amnesty International is urgently calling for an independent, impartial investigation aimed at delivering prosecutions, justice and reparation, as there is little trust in existing internal mechanisms such as the Independent Police Complaints Commission".

A Chinese student studying at I-Shou University in Kaohsiung could be expelled from the university for attacking a Hong Kong schoolmate who posted notes in support of the pro-democracy protests in the special administrative region, the university said Friday.

"To expresses his regret and apology for the inconvenience, while the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee and Chair Ang Lee (李安) show their understanding and wish the best to him", said the statement.

Both bills have bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.

Wong's appeal for USA support came during testimony at a hearing in Washington before the Congressional Executive Commission on China to review developments in Hong Kong, and China's role in the political crisis there.

Hong Kong's protests were sparked by a now-abandoned plan to allow extraditions to the authoritarian Chinese mainland.

The 79-year-old Pelosi has monitored China from her early years in Congress, when she appeared with other lawmakers in Beijing's Tiananmen Square to pay tribute to protesters who died in 1989 pro-democracy protests.

US support of legislation that protects the rights of Hong Kongers will have a worldwide impact.